Tuesday, August 12, 2008

RH TV: Dave Jeff Speaks On PHLI Block Party/Brand

For three years the PHLI Block Party has been a seminal event of summer time in the Windy City. Each July people of all races, ages, and neighborhoods have gathered in Hyde Park's Harper Court for a day of music, food, and fashion. With a performance history boasting the likes of Rhymefest, Peedi Crak, GLC, Kanye West, Keith Murray, and Just Blaze, this year's PHLI Block party was the most anticipated to date. However, due to neighborhood politics, a sale of Harper Court, and the violence seen in Chicago this year, the PHLI Party has been left with nowhere to go, and has been canceled, much to the disappointment of Dave Jeff and people throughout the city.

Dave Jeff broke the news to RubyHornet first, and tells the whole story in this interview with Roosevelt Treasurechest. Dave also speaks on PHLI's future home given the University of Chicago's plans for Harper Court, as well as the full spectrum of the PHLI Brand.


Franc Latour said...

what up? jeff
have you thought about throwing your block party at the south shore culture center?

ape masta said...

Damn man, sorry to hear about the whole block party debacle...can't wait to see the new store, and keep doing your thing man

DweLoNe said...

One of the saddest things to happen this summer. RIP Harper Court.

Diane said...

I'm with Dwel on that one! I miss home already and we have to say goodbye to the courts. *Tear*

Love ya big brother.
This only open doors for bigger and better.

Abraham Stinkin said...

Damn cuz...this would have been my first time going.Sad to hear this.